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Tanizzle utilizes storage technologies, including HTTP Cookies and HTML5 Storage, to ensure essential website functionality. Disabling these technologies may impact the website's performance and can only be accomplished by adjusting your browser settings. Certain necessary storage options are mandated for security and to retain your preferences during your visit. Explore our complete list of essential cookies.

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We employ third-party social media plugins, also referred to as widgets, to facilitate convenient actions like content sharing, video viewing, account creation or login, and site searches. These plugins may employ cookies or similar storage technologies on your device to enhance account security, combat fraud and abuse, conduct analytics, and other functions beyond Tanizzle's control.

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Advertising plays a vital role in keeping Tanizzle free and supporting the development of new services. While disabling ads won't eliminate third-party ads, it will remove personalized ads. Our advertising partners automatically receive your IP address and process your data when ads are displayed. They utilize cookies for tasks like frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and combating fraud and abuse. Additionally, technologies such as JavaScript or Web Beacons may be employed to gauge ad effectiveness, personalize content, and verify ad delivery. Discover more about your ad preferences.

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Performance and analytical cookies play a key role in our efforts to enhance the Tanizzle experience. They collect and report data on site usage, utilizing cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to monitor and capture your browsing behavior. The insights derived from this information enable us to innovate new services and provide a superior user experience. To learn more about our technology partners, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ezoic is an award-winning end-to-end platform for digital publishers and website owners that helps them improve revenue, traffic, SEO, website speed, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and more.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking, and analytics on websites. The tool allows developers to manage several third-party tags in one place without touching site source code. Given the simplicity of the tool Tanizzle can quickly add, or remove options at a later date.

While Tanizzle respects users' choices regarding cookies, please note that some previously set cookies on your device may persist until manually removed. Rest assured, Tanizzle will not activate features prohibited by your preferences during any subsequent visits to our pages. These actions will only occur after you engage with methods that explicitly allow the saving of preferences in the Tanizzle Control Centre, such as the "Save & Continue" button. Your control over your data is important to us.
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At Tanizzle, we firmly believe in putting you in control of your personal information (referred to as "your Gold"). We are committed to ensuring that you understand why and how your data is being utilized. For detailed insights into the information collected when creating accounts or subscribing to our services, please refer to our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to explore it to make informed choices about your data.

registering accounts

Creating a Tanizzle Account: When you create a Tanizzle account, we will collect certain information. This includes your first name and email address, which are essential for communication, as well as your password to ensure account security and integrity.

We also request your gender and location, although providing this information is optional. You can choose "Prefer not to say" or select from the other menu options. It is mandatory to provide your date of birth for content restrictions and to comply with relevant age-related laws.

To understand why Tanizzle does not allow accounts for children under the age of 13, please refer to our policies.

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Signing into Tanizzle: To sign into Tanizzle, you will need to provide a Tanizzle Username or an email address, in addition to a password.

Important: If you forget your password and no longer have access to the email address linked to your account, please note that account recovery may not be possible unless you have previously set a Tanizzle Username.

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If you have general questions, legal requests, special marketing or advertising inquiries, or feedback, please utilize the Tanizzle Contact form - if it's enabled. Please note that while Tanizzle will make an effort to respond to messages, in most cases, users will receive an automated response - meaning, there's a chance we won't holla back!

Personal data

By sharing your personal information (referred to as "your Gold") with Tanizzle, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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