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Effective from Saturday 23rd September 2023

First Off
1: Understanding

Hello World! Welcome to Tanizzle ("Tanizzle," "Tanizzle Universe," "we," "us," "our"). At Tanizzle, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information ("Gold") when you use Tanizzle, Tanizzle Offsite Assets, and Offsite Member Assets (collectively referred to as the "Tanizzle Network Groups"). By using any of these services, you agree to the terms outlined in this Policy. Please also note that this Policy is subject to the Tanizzle Terms of Service and other applicable agreements.

Consent: By using Tanizzle or any Tanizzle Network Groups associated with us, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use, and processing of your Gold in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. We value your trust, and we are committed to handling your Gold responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Scope: This Policy covers how we handle your Gold when you interact with Tanizzle, including our website (Tanizzle.com), and any other services or platforms that are part of the Tanizzle Network Groups.

Changes to this Policy: We may update this Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Any updates to this Policy will be posted on Tanizzle.com, and the "Effective Date" at the top of this Policy will be revised accordingly. We recommend that you review this Policy periodically to stay informed about how we are protecting your privacy.

If there are any material changes to this Policy that significantly affect your rights or the way we process your Gold, we will provide prominent notice and seek your consent as required by applicable law.

Quick Note
2: Concerning You

2.1. Terms of Service: We encourage you to review our comprehensive Terms of Service for a detailed understanding of your legal rights and obligations while using Tanizzle Network Groups. The Terms of Service provide essential information about your relationship with Tanizzle, including but not limited to user conduct, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution procedures.

2.2. Consent Under Applicable Laws: If you reside outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), your acceptance of this Privacy Policy constitutes your informed and voluntary consent to the processing of your Gold as described herein, under the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. By using Tanizzle Network Groups, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws that may govern the processing of your personal information.

It's important to note that if you are a resident of the EEA, specific data protection laws and regulations may apply to your personal information. In such cases, your consent to the processing of your Gold will be obtained in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other applicable data protection laws.

Tanizzle Control Centre
3: Your Privacy Matters!

3.1. Empowering You with TCC: At Tanizzle, we are committed to putting you in control of your privacy. That's why we've developed the Tanizzle Control Centre (TCC) (located on screen marked "Control"), a user-friendly tool that empowers you to manage various aspects of your privacy settings. With TCC, you have the flexibility to enable or disable features related to cookies and similar technologies, social media features, and more, tailored to your preferences.

3.2. Maintenance and Accessibility: While we strive to ensure that TCC is available and functional at all times, there may be occasions when it temporarily undergoes maintenance or experiences technical issues. During such instances, you may encounter a malfunction notice or a greyed-out background. Rest assured that any interruptions to TCC's availability will be temporary, and we'll work diligently to restore full functionality as quickly as possible.

3.3. Learn More: To discover more about how you can take charge of your privacy using the Tanizzle Control Centre, please refer to our informative article on this topic. We believe that understanding and managing your privacy preferences should be straightforward and user-friendly, and TCC is designed with your convenience in mind.

Your privacy matters to us, and we are dedicated to providing you with the tools and information you need to make informed choices about your online experience.

Data collected
4: What data do we collect?

4.1. Creating a Tanizzle Account: When you create a Tanizzle Account, we collect certain information to provide you with our services effectively. This includes:

4.2. Automatically Collected Information: In addition to the information you provide us, Tanizzle automatically collects certain technical information to enhance your experience and improve our services. This information includes:

Please be assured that we handle your information in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Collecting Data
5: How do we collect your Gold?

5.1. Direct User Input: The majority of the information we gather is provided directly by you on a voluntary basis. We collect and process your information when you choose to subscribe to Tanizzle Network Groups. Additionally, in some instances, we may utilize survey forms or questionnaires provided by third parties to gather valuable insights.

5.2. Cookies for Enhanced Functionality: We employ cookies to enhance your experience and improve the functionality of Tanizzle. Cookies enable us to analyze traffic and recognize your frequent visits when you use Tanizzle, but only with your explicit consent. To provide your consent, you will need to approve our use of cookies for performance, measurement, and general analytical purposes.

5.3. Data from Third-Party Platforms: If you opt to use Facebook to interact with Tanizzle, you can write comments, and engage with social media communities seamlessly. When you choose to engage with any features provided by Facebook, you agree to adhere to the Facebook Privacy Policy, as creating an account is a prerequisite to interact with their services.

Any additional information we receive from you will be on a voluntary basis and typically relates to optional features, such as social media third-party widgets. These widgets are disabled by default and can only be enabled through the Tanizzle Control Centre if you wish to engage with their services, features, and content.

5: Why do we want this data?

5.4. Creating Your Tanizzle Account: To create a Tanizzle Account, we require certain information from you, including your first name, date of birth (DOB), and email address. This information is essential for several purposes, including communication with you and ensuring the integrity of your account.

5.5. Importance of Date of Birth (DOB): Your date of birth is a critical piece of information that serves multiple functions. It helps us in:

5.6. Data Sharing Practices: We want to assure you that we do not sell or directly share your personal information ("Gold") with third parties that could identify you individually. However, we may share aggregated data with third parties to provide insights into our visitor demographics, such as statistics related to the geographic location and time zones of our users. It's important to note that this sharing does not entail direct engagement with these entities.

We employ analytics technology that may include resources from these third parties on Tanizzle to gain a better understanding of our platform's operations and improve our services.

Tanizzle Quests and Competitions
6: For Friends and Visitors

6.1. Participation Requirements: Before you can partake in Tanizzle Quests and Competitions ("TaniComps", "TQCs"), we may require certain information from you to facilitate your participation. The specific personal information we collect may vary depending on the nature of the TaniComps, which are opportunities provided by Tanizzle and typically require a Tanizzle Account.

6.2. Visitors Without Tanizzle Accounts: For general visitors who do not have Tanizzle Accounts but wish to participate in TaniComps, please be aware that by engaging in these competitions, you agree and consent to the use of your information ("Gold") in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

6.3. Data Retention: It's important to note that while some TaniComps may not be ongoing or permanent, we retain certain information, including your Gold, for legitimate purposes. This retention allows us to analyze trends related to our competitions and to identify and prevent any potential misuse or manipulation of our winner selection methods.

Even if you delete your Tanizzle Account, in cases where TaniComps do not necessitate a Tanizzle Account, and we retain your Gold after you've requested its deletion, you acknowledge and accept that Tanizzle reserves the right to keep your information for the purpose of ensuring the integrity and security of TaniComps.

Using your Gold
7: How do we use your Gold?

7.1. Purposeful Use of Your Information: We process your information ("Gold") with care and transparency to enhance your Tanizzle experience. Here's how we use your Gold:

7.2. Enhancing and Securing Our Services: We also utilize your Gold for the following purposes:

Storing Your Gold
8: How do we store your Gold?

8.1. Secure Storage and Transmission: Tanizzle takes your data security seriously. We securely store your information ("Gold") on servers provided by CrazyDomains in the United Kingdom. All data transmission is protected using the industry-standard Transport Layer Socket cryptographic protocol, designed to provide encrypted communications over computer networks. This ensures that your data remains confidential and protected during transmission and storage.

8.2. Data Transfer Outside Your Jurisdiction By using our Services, you acknowledge and understand that your Gold data may be transferred outside of your local jurisdiction. Furthermore, you accept that our hosting provider and their servers may not be located in your specific country, region, or continent ("place of residence").

8.3. Data Retention: We will retain certain Gold data, such as names, date of birth, location, and sexual identity, until your Tanizzle Account has been permanently deleted by you. In cases where your Tanizzle Account has been inactive (no sign-ins) for a continuous period of 6 months from your last engagement, we may intend to send you a Tanizzle User Account Inactivity Notification via email. Please note that the delivery of this notification is not guaranteed.

Your Rights
9: Your data protection rights

9.1. Empowering Your Data Protection Rights: At Tanizzle, we are committed to ensuring that you have full control over your data protection rights and are well-informed about them. Whether you're within the European Economic Area (EEA) under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or fall under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), your rights are important to us.

9.2. Request Response Time: If you reside within the European Economic Area (EEA) under GDPR, and you make a request regarding your Gold data, we have a legal obligation to respond to you within one month.

9.3. Exercising Your Rights: These data protection rights also extend to users who are covered by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). To exercise any of these rights, please contact us using our provided contact form.. However, please note that during maintenance periods, our contact form may be temporarily unavailable and may remain disabled at our sole discretion, unless otherwise stated.

The following points explain your data protection rights:

Gated Age-Limit Restrictions
10: For (Unverified) Friends

10.1. Understanding Gated Age-Limit Restrictions (GALR): Gated Age-Limit Restrictions, commonly referred to as GALR, are limitations imposed on Tanizzle Accounts based on a user's (unverified) age or, in certain cases, security concerns that cannot be disclosed. GALR serves to ensure a secure and age-appropriate environment for our users. These restrictions can be unlocked by submitting your date of birth (DOB) information through the Tanizzle Friend Hub (found in your user settings). However, it's important to note that users must be at least 13 years old, which is also referred to as the Qualifying Visit Age, in order to maintain a Tanizzle Account.

10.2. Age Consent for Users Under 18: For users under the age of 18, there may be additional requirements, such as obtaining consent from a Responsible Guardian. To learn more about Responsible Guardians and their role in ensuring Tanizzle Account integrity and adherence to age limits, please refer to our dedicated section on this topic.

10.3. Purpose of GALR: In most cases, GALR is implemented to achieve the following objectives:

11: International Requirements

11.1. GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation: Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are required to obtain your consent to collect and use your information, referred to as "Gold." GDPR mandates that consent must be freely given, specific, informed, and represent an unambiguous indication of the data subject's request. "Personal data," in this context, encompasses any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, known as a "Data Subject."

A Data Subject is an entity who can be identified, either directly or indirectly, particularly by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity of that natural person.

11.2. CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a United States law enacted by the State of California, which requires publishers to offer an "opt-out" solution for users who do not wish to have their data sold. CCPA defines "personal information" broadly as any information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household. This includes items such as an Internet Protocol address, real name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, online identifier, email address, account name, social security number, driver's license number, passport number, or other similar identifiers.

11.3. Use of Third-Party Advertisements and Plugins: We utilize advertisements and plugins from third-party vendors who may potentially use personal information, as defined by both CCPA and GDPR, to serve and target consumers using data gathered on our site when displaying advertisements.

12: How To Opt-Out?

12.1. How to Opt-Out: At Tanizzle, we value your preferences, and opting out of personalized advertising is simple. You can do this by using our user-friendly Tanizzle Control Centre (TCC). The TCC empowers users to easily manage their advertising preferences and control plugins, often referred to as widgets.

12.2. Implications for Widgets: Please be aware that adjusting your advertising preferences may affect the functionality of certain widgets. Widgets are essential for various interactive features, such as viewing YouTube videos, commenting on pages, and accessing Instagram posts or Tweets, among other enhancements. Adjusting your settings may impact your ability to access these features.

12.3. Clarity on Opting Out: It's important to clarify that opting out, in any way or form, does not mean that you won't see advertisements on Tanizzle Network Groups. While using our platform, you may still encounter advertisements; however, these ads will not be personalized or specifically targeted to your interests.

Technologies Used
13: What do we use?

13.1. What Technologies Do We Use?: We utilize various technologies to enhance your Tanizzle experience. Here's an overview of the technologies we employ:

HTTP Cookies: Also known as web beacons, browser cookies, digital crumbs, or simply cookies, these are small text files stored on your device while you browse. We use both "first-party" cookies set by us and "third-party" cookies set by alternative sources. These cookies are used for non-personalized and personalized advertising, analytics, performance optimization, and social media features. It's important to note that while the concept of cookies may seem daunting to some, Tanizzle primarily uses "first-party" cookies sparingly, with one named TACT_IX. TACT_IX is employed to understand the browsing behavior of our loyal users and can be disabled. For clarity, TACT_IX is not used for advertising and is recommended for security purposes for Tanizzle Account holders.

HTML 5 Local Storage: This technology allows data to be saved within your browser and is more secure than HTTP cookies. Two storage types are available: session storage, which stores data until the user closes the browser, and long-term storage, where data is retained even after exiting the browser software. Session storage is ideal for temporary data storage, suitable for short visits. In contrast, local storage is permanent until manually removed and is ideal for long-term users, making it particularly useful for our account auto-login feature.

Pixels (Web Beacons): Pixels, also known as web beacons, are small images that collect information about your visit and can set cookies. The Tanizzle Pixel helps us understand how you interact with our Services, develop new content and features, analyze marketing strategies, and, importantly, enhance security. The Tanizzle Pixel is predominantly utilized in email marketing and general communications to gauge the reach and engagement of our content.

Software Development Kit (SDK): SDKs, or Software Development Kits, consist of code blocks or plugins provided by our third-party partners. SDKs enhance your experience on Tanizzle by facilitating actions such as sharing content, writing comments, liking and saving content, creating accounts, logging into Tanizzle, watching videos, and more. Additionally, SDKs monitor user browsing behavior and may set cookies. It's important to note that while we implement these SDKs to improve your experience, Tanizzle does not assume responsibility for their actions. Nevertheless, we trust their use to enhance your overall interaction with our platform.

14: How do we use them?

14.1. Functional Cookies Functional cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our platform. They play a vital role in:

14.2. Google reCAPTCHA and Security: To enhance security, Tanizzle utilizes Google reCAPTCHA, a security feature designed to protect our assets. Users are required to complete reCAPTCHA challenges (to confirm they are not robots) while visiting Tanizzle. By using Tanizzle, you accept the use of any Google cookies, technologies, and resources that Google may provide or implement for reCAPTCHA. For more information, please review Google's terms and policies.

14.3. Performance Cookies: Performance cookies are instrumental in helping us better understand how you interact with our Services. These cookies may also contribute to personalized content tailored to your preferences. Performance cookies may be implemented using a combination of standard HTTP Cookies and HTML 5 Storage options, as mentioned earlier.

14.4. Advertising and Social Media Cookies: Advertising and Social Media cookies enhance your user experience in the following ways:

As a user, you may notice that YouTube videos are not displayed by default until you provide your consent via the Tanizzle Control Centre.

Your Choices
15: What can you do?

15.1. Cookie Control Options: You have several options to control how Tanizzle Network Groups and/or our partners utilize cookies for advertising, performance, social media, and analytics. While most browsers accept cookies by default and provide options to remove them, we recommend using the preferences available in the Tanizzle Control Centre to enable or disable preferences instead of clearing cookies and settings entirely.

15.2. Managing Google Analytics: If you wish to prevent your Gold data from being used by Google Analytics, you can take the following steps:

Here are some useful links for managing cookies within your browser. All links below are external, and open in a new window.

For additional information about advertising partners and available advertising options, you can explore more about your ad choices.

15.3. Managing Cookies in Your Browser: Here are some useful external links that provide guidance on managing cookies within popular web browsers. These links will open in a new window:

Managing Ad Cookies
16: How can you manage ad cookies?

16.1. How to Manage Ad Cookies: You have the ability to manage and gain a better understanding of the use of cookies for performance and advertising, as well as disable the sharing of your Gold data with Tanizzle Network Groups. To take control of your preferences, you can visit the following links:

Advertising Cookies:

Performance Cookies (with exceptions):

17: Internet Robots

17.1. Introduction to OneFoxx XS: OneFoxx XS is a technology division of OneFoxx Ltd. At times, to enhance the performance of Tanizzle, we employ advanced programs and applications commonly referred to as bots or robots. These bots are designed and developed exclusively by OneFoxx XS, with the primary objective of automating tasks over the internet. Importantly, it is crucial to note that all our bots are created with a strict commitment to uphold privacy rights and are not intended to infringe upon or violate any individual's privacy.

17.2. The OneFoxx Bot User-Agent Header String: Our bots, including those used for Tanizzle, are identified by specific user-agent header strings to distinguish their origin and purpose. The user-agent header string for the OneFoxx bot is as follows:

17.3. The Tanizzle Bot User-Agent Header String: For Tanizzle-specific bots, we employ a distinctive user-agent header string that provides transparency about their origin and function. The user-agent header string for Tanizzle bots is as follows:

18: As It stands

18.1. Policy Updates: We are committed to ensuring the transparency and relevance of our Policy. To this end, we regularly review and make updates to our Policy. Any significant changes and updates will be posted on Tanizzle Network Groups. Additionally, all Tanizzle Account users will receive an email notification informing them of these changes, to the extent feasible and without any guarantee of email delivery. It's important to note that we may revise our Policy at our sole discretion and reserve the right to do so without requiring your explicit consent. Any revisions made to our Policy will become effective immediately upon posting on the Site. It is your responsibility to routinely review our Policy, including our Terms of Service, as your continued use of the Site after an update signifies your acceptance of the changes.

18.2. Contacting Our Data Protection Officer: If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, cookies, or similar technologies, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer. You can reach out to our Data Protection Officer via our contact form, and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Tanizzle Control Centre in bypass

After expanding a tab and deciding to toggle on, or off any first or third-party company preference, engage the save & continue button to implement changes after scrolling below. When Tanizzle Control Centre's in bypass mode, you will not be interrupted by consent dialogs as these pages commonly entail legal doctrine. Learn more about Tanizzle Control Centre in our Privacy Policy.

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Tanizzle utilizes storage technologies, including HTTP Cookies and HTML5 Storage, to ensure essential website functionality. Disabling these technologies may impact the website's performance and can only be accomplished by adjusting your browser settings. Certain necessary storage options are mandated for security and to retain your preferences during your visit. Explore our complete list of essential cookies.

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Analytical cookies play a crucial role in our continuous improvement efforts by collecting and reporting information on how our site is used. Rest assured, these cookies are not shared with any third-party companies, and they do not identify users without their consent. They help us distinguish between new and returning users. While the cookie name may change in the future, it is currently identified as "TACT_IX.".

social media plugins aka widgets

We employ third-party social media plugins, also referred to as widgets, to facilitate convenient actions like content sharing, video viewing, account creation or login, and site searches. These plugins may employ cookies or similar storage technologies on your device to enhance account security, combat fraud and abuse, conduct analytics, and other functions beyond Tanizzle's control.

Google search is a custom tool provided by Google that allows developers to take advantage of it's powerful search capabilities, and revenue benefits by serving both non personalised, and personalised ads within search results. Google will always prioritise, and display Tanizzle related search results if found. Google uses cookies, and monitors all searches. Learn more about the cookies used by Google.

YouTube is a video broadcasting, and sharing service owned by Google. Tanizzle embeds YouTube videos, and uses their API tools. In order to view YouTube videos, you must enable this preference with the understanding that cookies will be set by a third-party. Learn more about the cookies used by Google.

Facebook SDK gives you the ability to share content, write and view comments; like and save content, watch videos, and chat with us using Facebook Messenger. Facebook uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Facebook Privacy and Cookies.

Instagram SDK for widgets gives you the ability to view, and share Instagram posts, moments, videos and more. Instagram's a Facebook owned company, and uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Instagram Cookies.

Twitter SDK gives you the ability to share content quickly, like, and retweet, as well as interact with other Twitter widgets. Twitter uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Twitter Cookies. Love Fortnite? Love V-Bucks? This setting must be switched on in order to have a chance to win FREE Fortnite V-Bucks (join the competition, easy), an in-game currency created by Epic Games.

advertising platforms

Advertising plays a vital role in keeping Tanizzle free and supporting the development of new services. While disabling ads won't eliminate third-party ads, it will remove personalized ads. Our advertising partners automatically receive your IP address and process your data when ads are displayed. They utilize cookies for tasks like frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and combating fraud and abuse. Additionally, technologies such as JavaScript or Web Beacons may be employed to gauge ad effectiveness, personalize content, and verify ad delivery. Discover more about your ad preferences.

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Performance analytics

Performance and analytical cookies play a key role in our efforts to enhance the Tanizzle experience. They collect and report data on site usage, utilizing cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to monitor and capture your browsing behavior. The insights derived from this information enable us to innovate new services and provide a superior user experience. To learn more about our technology partners, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ezoic is an award-winning end-to-end platform for digital publishers and website owners that helps them improve revenue, traffic, SEO, website speed, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and more.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking, and analytics on websites. The tool allows developers to manage several third-party tags in one place without touching site source code. Given the simplicity of the tool Tanizzle can quickly add, or remove options at a later date.

While Tanizzle respects users' choices regarding cookies, please note that some previously set cookies on your device may persist until manually removed. Rest assured, Tanizzle will not activate features prohibited by your preferences during any subsequent visits to our pages. These actions will only occur after you engage with methods that explicitly allow the saving of preferences in the Tanizzle Control Centre, such as the "Save & Continue" button. Your control over your data is important to us.
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At Tanizzle, we firmly believe in putting you in control of your personal information (referred to as "your Gold"). We are committed to ensuring that you understand why and how your data is being utilized. For detailed insights into the information collected when creating accounts or subscribing to our services, please refer to our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to explore it to make informed choices about your data.

registering accounts

Creating a Tanizzle Account: When you create a Tanizzle account, we will collect certain information. This includes your first name and email address, which are essential for communication, as well as your password to ensure account security and integrity.

We also request your gender and location, although providing this information is optional. You can choose "Prefer not to say" or select from the other menu options. It is mandatory to provide your date of birth for content restrictions and to comply with relevant age-related laws.

To understand why Tanizzle does not allow accounts for children under the age of 13, please refer to our policies.

login signing in

Signing into Tanizzle: To sign into Tanizzle, you will need to provide a Tanizzle Username or an email address, in addition to a password.

Important: If you forget your password and no longer have access to the email address linked to your account, please note that account recovery may not be possible unless you have previously set a Tanizzle Username.

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If you have general questions, legal requests, special marketing or advertising inquiries, or feedback, please utilize the Tanizzle Contact form - if it's enabled. Please note that while Tanizzle will make an effort to respond to messages, in most cases, users will receive an automated response - meaning, there's a chance we won't holla back!

Personal data

By sharing your personal information (referred to as "your Gold") with Tanizzle, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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