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Who is Mark Foxx? Discover the intricate journey of Mark Foxx (Drill Manga), the creative polymath and founder of Tanizzle, and explore his diverse talents and remarkable redemption.

The Enigmatic Rise of Mark Foxx

Mark Foxx, professionally known as Drill Manga, is a British polymath with a broad range of talents. Born on October 19, 1989, in Entebbe, Uganda, he has embarked on a remarkable life journey, becoming a prominent entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, record producer, executive, computer scientist, and digital artist, rooted in Essex, England.

Early Life and Education

Mark's journey began with his migration to the United Kingdom at the tender age of 10 months, accompanied by his mother and one of his sisters. Growing up with his sister, who also migrated from Uganda during his later years, Mark embarked on his educational path.

His academic journey commenced at Downsell Primary School in Leyton, London, where his intellect shone through, but his spirited behavior often earned him the label of a "nerd" with a penchant for mischief. In addition to his immediate family, Mark has a total of four sisters and a brother. Unfortunately, Mark had an older sister he never got to meet, as she passed away at a young age due to irreparable health conditions.

Later, at Kingsford Community School (KCS) in Beckton, London, Mark's academic prowess continued to impress. However, his behavioral challenges during his formative years cast shadows on his potential. A pivotal incident during his tenth-grade year, involving the ignition of a firework in a crowded school hallway, led to his expulsion. Although this incident caused distress, it was non-injurious. Nevertheless, the school's community board, comprised of parents, deemed suspension inadequate, resulting in immediate expulsion.

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A Passion for Music and Creative Exploration

Official Mark Foxx/Drill Manga Branding
Official Mark Foxx/Drill Manga Branding
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Mark's creative journey evolved in tandem with his love for music. His fascination with music began during his KCS days when a close friend introduced him to Music 2000, a music creation software designed for Sony's first PlayStation. This accessible tool ignited Mark's passion for music production.

He delved deeper into the world of music, experimenting with various production software options. His journey led him to Propellerhead's Reason Studios software, aligning with his creative sensibilities. Mark devoted himself to daily practice, honing his skills and pushing the boundaries of his musical potential.

Mark's love for music was further influenced by his mother, who introduced him to a wide array of musical legends, including Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Bee Gees, and his all-time favorite artist, Michael Jackson. She owned Michael Jackson's classic seventh studio album, "Bad," on vinyl, featuring the legendary musician on the cover art. This album left an indelible impression on Mark, not only for its music but also for Michael's style and flamboyance.

During his expulsion from school, Mark's aspiration to become a singer took root, though societal perceptions initially led him to keep this ambition discreet, opting for rapping lyrics instead. Growing up in the Avenue Estates (alternatively Thatched House Estates) of Leytonstone, London, Mark drew inspiration from the dynamic urban music scene, characterized by the fusion of grime and garage genres. Influenced by luminaries like So Solid Crew, Nasty Crew, Pay As You Go, and Ms. Dynamite, Mark primarily focused on creating instrumentals (beats) influenced by the genre of the streets, Grime.

His musical influences extended beyond mainstream genres, including a quiet appreciation for classical music and film score compositions, which he described as "beautiful." His musical versatility defied categorization, encompassing pop, RnB, hip-hop, grime, bashment, DnB, EDM, and classical elements. Mark considered himself a musical "jack-of-all-trades," skilled in navigating diverse musical terrains.

Challenges and Redemption

Mark's path was not without challenges. Post-expulsion from KCS, he found himself with ample free time during his teenage years, leading to experimentation with alcohol, initially for recreation. However, this casual indulgence spiraled into a full-fledged addiction.

Consequently, Mark encountered numerous arrests, multiple prison sentences, probation orders, and participation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups as he grappled with alcoholism. As one of the youngest participants in these meetings, he navigated an arduous path toward recovery and redemption - Mark has remained sober since January 1st, 2017, a testament to his unwavering commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

During this tumultuous period, tragedy struck when Mark fell victim to an unprovoked stabbing at the age of 17. This violent incident, which targeted him, his mother, and sister, compelled them to leave the Thatched House area they had grown to love. The scars, both physical and emotional, deepened Mark's struggle with alcohol.

Mark and his family relocated to Woodford Green, an area of Woodford in East London, England, within the London Borough of Redbridge, seeking a fresh start and safety. However, the pursuit of a "fresh start" proved elusive, as Mark's intoxicated behavior, marked by belligerence, continued to deteriorate.

This downward spiral reached a critical point when Mark's actions resulted in his first prison sentence at HMP & YOI Chelmsford in Essex, as a young offender. A particularly alarming incident involved a verbal threat followed by a menacing pursuit of a police officer, brandishing a serrated bread knife. These actions led to legal consequences that further underscored the urgency of Mark's need for change and rehabilitation.

Without the will to change, Mark's problems with alcohol become worse prompting police and probation services to continue regulating his behaviour throughout his teens and adulthood.

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Digital Expertise and Creative Prowess

Mark's creative talents extended to the digital realm. He is a self-taught web developer, designer, and programmer with proficiency in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for web development), Python, and Java. While he explored additional technologies, such as C languages, Ruby, Shell scripting, and more, these remained rarely utilized in his repertoire.

To satisfy his penchant for digital exploration, Mark delved into studying cybersecurity and hacking. His interest, anchored in black-hat hacking and the study of vulnerability exploitation, led him to Kali Linux, a penetration testing platform. This sophisticated skill set commenced as a hobby during his school expulsion but grew into a serious pursuit around the age of 17. Despite his proficiency, he maintains a commitment to ethical boundaries in his hacking endeavors, often conducting experiments in a controlled environment but remains "anonymous" with his past activities.

Project Tanizzle and Entrepreneurship

Mark's journey of self-discovery and creative exploration culminated in "Project Tanizzle." In April 2017, he single-handedly developed Tanizzle.com, a blog and entertainment hub. As a digital artist, Mark creates his graphics and explores motion graphics, animation, 3D art, and video editing, crafting all content for his beloved brand, Tanizzle.

Mark also ventured into e-commerce, initially starting on Amazon by selling watches, including exquisite and affordable pieces from Accurist and Sekonda. His drive to make the most of life beyond alcohol led him to establish OneFoxx Ltd ("OneFoxx") in October 2020, a British private company specializing in music entertainment, technology, online publications, and e-commerce. OneFoxx, which was once prepared to be named SmartFoxx, is the parent company of Tanizzle Ltd. A child entity ambitiously pursuing a range of industries beyond media and entertainment, but technology, fashion, beauty and cosmetics.

Mark Foxx's multifaceted journey, characterized by creative prowess, challenges, and redemption, continues to evolve as he channels his diverse talents into building a brighter future. Mark once said, "why chase your dreams, when your dreams are made for you?" This perspective, which doesn't resonate with everyone, indicates fatalism, reflecting a belief in fate or destiny, suggesting that there's a predetermined path for each individual, and whatever dreams or goals align with that path will manifest effortlessly when believed.

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