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Effective from Sunday 4th October 2020

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This Tanizzle Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes how we ("Tanizzle", "OneFoxx") uses the personal information (your "Gold") we collect from you when using Tanizzle, Tanizzle Offsite Assets, and Offsite Member Assets (Tanizzle Network Groups), and our intentions with your Gold.

By using Tanizzle or Tanizzle Network Groups associated with us, you agree to the collection, use, and processing of your Gold in accordance with this Policy. This Policy is subjected to the Tanizzle Legalese of the Tanizzle Terms of Service.

Quick Note
Concerning You

To learn more about the legaly binding Terms that affect you whilst using Tanizzle Network Groups, please view our Terms of Service. If you reside outside of the European Economic Area, your acceptance of this Policy constitutes your consent to the processing of activities described here under the laws of your jurisdiction.

Tanizzle Control Centre
Your Privacy Matters!

The Tanizzle Control Centre (TCC) is a handy tool that allows you to easily enable and disable features related to cookies and similar technologies, social media features, and more. At times, TCC may not be available and could appear with a malfunction notice or grey background indicating maintenance. Learn more about Tanizzle Control in this article.

Data collected
What data do we collect?

We collect your Gold including your first and last names, sexual identity, gender, date of birth, email address, and country (location) when creating a Tanizzle Account. In addition to what users give us, Tanizzle will acquire their Internet Protocol Address - commonly known as an IP, it's an alphanumerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication; your device information including the make, and model, operating system type and version; browser type - commonly known as an User Agent , and cookies.

Collecting Data
How do we collect your Gold?

Most of the info collected by us is directly provided by you on a voluntary basis. We collect, and process your Gold when you Subscribe to Tanizzle Network Groups. In some cases, we may use survey forms (or questionaires) by third-parties. We use cookies to analyse traffic, and to establish your frequent visits whenever you use Tanizzle with consent, meaning you've to approve our use of cookies for performance, measurement, and general analytical purposes.

How about your Gold from third-parties? We use Facebook to allow you to create accounts, write comments, and engage with social media communities. In the event you wish to engage with any features provided by Facebook you accept the Facebook Privacy Policy considering an account's required to interact with their services.

When you create a Tanizzle Account with us using Facebook, we request your basic public profile , publicly available information regarding your Facebook profile. Any additional information we receive from you'll be voluntarily given for optional features e.g social media third-party widgets that are disabled by default, and can only enabled via Tanizzle Control Centre if you wish to engage with their services, features, and Content.

Tanizzle Competitions Data
For Friends and Visitors

Before users endure Tanizzle Competitions ("TaniComps"), their Gold is required in order to participate. Personal information may vary depending on TaniComps, an opportunity provided by Tanizzle that also requires a Tanizzle Account. As for general visitors without Tanizzle Accounts that wish to participate in TaniComps, you agree and consent to the use of your Gold to be processed by Tanizzle Network Groups in accordance with this Policy.

Some TaniComps may not be ongoing (permanent). Because we need to measure trends concerning our competitions, as well as scrutinise users with bad intentions of manipulating our winner selection methods, we retain your Gold even after a Tanizzle Account's deleted. If TaniComps don't require a Tanizzle Account, and we still retain your Gold after you've requested the deleting of it, you accept that Tanizzle has the right to keep your Gold for TaniComps integrity (and security reasons).

Why do we want this data?

Your first name, date of birth (DOB), and email are required in order to create a Tanizzle Account with us for communications and account integrity purposes. Your DOB's important for us to limit content that may be deemed legal but harmful, or to adhere to your local law jurisdictions like in the U.S with COPPA where children under 13 are not allowed accounts - Tanizzle doesn't knowningly collect data from minors under the age of 13.

We don't sell, or share your Gold with any third-party that could directly identify you however, we share your Gold with third-parties with aggregated results - the statistics of visitors by country, timezone etc. - to better understand our traffic and audience. This doesn't mean that we engage with these entities directly. We use analytics technology to achieve this by including their resources on Tanizzle; to better understand our operations.

Using your Gold
How do we use your Gold?

We process your Gold in order to contact you about important information concerning your Tanizzle Account, send communctions including special offers and rewards, and recommendations for Tanizzle Services you may like. Messages known as Subscriber Bulletins are compulsory, and can't be avoided unless otherwise stated. Learn more about our Terms on User Communications.

Optional subscriptions and Services can be managed via your Tanizzle (Friend) Settings when logged in. We don't process your Gold on an individual basis unless it concerns security or you've directly Subscribed; you've requested for your Gold (or the information we've on you), or when we've been required to do so by law.

We use your Gold for identifying improvements and maintaining our Services. For security and user safety (Tanizzle Guard), we think it's important to obtain your IP address, user agent, and cookies to combat fraudulent and abusive behaviour on our Site. By accepting our Policy, you agree that your Gold will be shared with third-parties to offer their services and products, whilst improving ours.

Storing Your Gold
How do we store your Gold?

Tanizzle securely stores your Gold using CrazyDomains servers in the United Kingdom, and all data's transmitted using the industry standard Transport Layer Socket cryptographic protocol, designed to provide encrypted communications over computer networks. By using our Services you understand that your Gold data may be transferred outside of your local jurisdication, and accept that our hosting provider (and their servers were ever located) may not reside in your country, region, or continent ("place of stay").

Tanizzle will keep your Gold such as names, date of birth, location, and sexual identity until your Tanizzle Account has been permanently deleted. In the event that your Tanizzle Account has been inactive - you'ven't signed in - for 6 months from your last engagement, we intend to send you a Tanizzle User Account Inactivity Notification via email (but it's not guaranteed).

Your Rights
Your data protection rights

Tanizzle endeavours to ensure that you hve control of, and are fully aware of all of your data protection rights. If you make a request for your Gold, we've one month to respond to you if you reside within the European Economic Area under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These rights also protect users who fall under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using our contact form if available - during maintainence our form may be unavailable, and will remain disabled at our sole discretion unless stated otherwise. The following explain your rights:

Gated Age-Limit Restrictions
For (Unverified) Friends

What is Gated Age-Limit Restrictions? Also known as GALR, Gated Age-Limit Restrictions are limitations set on Tanizzle Accounts due to a user's (unverified) age - or security concern we can't disclose. GALR can be unlocked by submitting DOB (date of birth) information in the Tanizzle Friend Hub (user settings), however users must be no less than 13 (also known as the Qualifying Visit Age) in order to retain a Tanizzle Account. In addition, users under the age of 18 may need to acquire consent from a Responsible Guardian - learn more about Reponsible Guardians and Tanizzle Account Integrity and Age Limits.

In most cases (affected by a missing birthday submission), we limit certain features to prevent minors from experiencing content deemed NSFW (much more extreme perhaps, and not found on Tanizzle.com), or to satisfy laws and regulations set in most jurisdications (countries) affecting young viewers like GDPR and CCPA (collectively known as: Tanizzle GALR and International Requirements (TGIR)).

International Requirements

Under the General Data Protection Regulation we require consent to collect and use your Gold. Under the EU regulation consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's request. Personal data (your Gold) means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("Data Subject").

A Data Subject is an entity who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

CCPA is a USA law passed by the State of California that requires publishers to provide an "opt-out" solution for users who don't want they data sold. CCPA defines personal information as information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household such as a Internet Protocol address, real name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, online identifier, email address, account name, social security number, driver's license number, passport number, or other similar identifiers.

We use advertisements, and plugins from third-party vendors who potentially use personal information as defined by CCPA, and GDPR to service, and target consumers using data found on our site when an advertisement's shown.

How To Opt-Out?

Users can simply opt-out of personalised advertising using our convenient Tanizzle Control Centre. The TCC enables users to easily reset their options for advertising as well as plugins - commonly known as widgets. If widgets are affected you'll not be able to view YouTube videos, comment on pages, view Instagram posts or Tweets, and further enhancements. For clarity, opting out in any way shape or form doesn't mean that you wouldn't see advertisements on Tanizzle Network Groups. Whilst visiting, you'll not be targeted with personalised ads.

Technologies Used
What do we use?

HTTP COOKIES also known as a web beacon, browser cookie, digital crumb, or simply a cookie is a small text file stored on your device whilst browsing. We use "first-party" cookies that are set by us, and "third-party" cookies that are set by alternative sources. Tanizzle uses additional services that use cookies for both non-personalised, and personalised advertising, analytics, performance, and social media features. Although the idea of having HTTP cookies on devices seems daunting to some, Tanizzle doesn't use "first-party" cookies often, but we do set one named TACT_IX. TACT_IX helps us understand the browsing behaviour of our loyal base, and can be disabled. For clarity TACT_IX isn't used for advertising, and is recommended for security purposes if you've a Tanizzle Account with us.

HTML 5 Local Storage allows data to be saved your browser, and is more secure than the HTTP cookie. There are two storage types available to us like session storage that stores data until the user closes the browser, or long term where data's retained even after exiting the browser software. Session storage in layman terms is temporary, and is ideal for short visits. Local storage's permanent until removed, and is ideal for long term users - very useful for our account autologin feature.

Pixels also known as web beacons are small images that collect information about your visit, and can set cookies. The Pixel helps Tanizzle understand how you interact with our Services, devise new content and features; analyse marketing strategies, and importantly better security. The Tanizzle Pixel beacon's mostly implemented in email marketing, and general communications to detect the reach, and engagement of our interests.

Software Development Kit also known as an SDK are code blocks, or plugins provided by our third-party partners. SDKs help us better your experience by allowing you to easily share content, write comments, like and save content; create accounts, login Tanizzle, watch videos, and more. SDKs also monitor the user's browsing behavioural activity, and set cookies. Tanizzle doesn't take responsibility for their actions however, we trust the use of these implementations.

How do we use them?

Functional cookies are imperative (mandatory) in helping us remember your settings and preferences, as well as helping identify and prevent security risks. In some instances, the Site may not work properly if functional cookies are deleted. On the matter of security, Tanizzle uses Google reCAPTCHA (that I am not a robot stuff!) to secure our assets. Users don't have the right to refuse Google reCAPTCHA whilst visiting Tanizzle and accept the use of any Google cookies, technologies, and resources that Google decides to provide/implement. Learn more by reading their terms and policy.

Performance cookies help us understand how you interact with our Services, and may personalise content for you. These cookies may be a combination of the standard HTTP Cookie, or HTML 5 Storage options as outlined above.

Advertising and Social Media cookies make advertising more personalised for you, and allow convenient methods for sharing content with peers on platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. You may notice that YouTube videos by default are not shown until consent's given via the Tanizzle Control Centre.

Your Choices
What can you do?

You have various options to control how Tanizzle Network Groups and/or our partners use cookies for advertising, performance, social media, and analytics. Most browsers accept cookies by default, and usually offer options to remove them. We strongly encourage users to enable, or disable preferences within Tanizzle Control Centre opposed to wiping cookies and settings completely.

To prevent your Gold from being used by Google Analytics, you can install Google's opt-out browser add-on, or access your Google Ads settings to control what data Google uses to show ads to you. For more information on advertising partners, and advertising options learn more about your ad choices .

Here are some useful links for managing cookies within your browser. All links below are external, and open in a new window.

Managing Ad Cookies
How can you manage ad cookies?

You can manage (and better understand) the use of cookies for performance, advertising, as well as disabling the sharing of your Gold with Tanizzle Network Groups by visiting the links below.

Internet Robots

What is OneFoxx XS? OneFoxx XS is a technology division of OneFoxx Ltd. Occasionally, in order for Tanizzle to perform better, we use smart programs and applications commonly known as bots (robots) that automate tasks over the internet. All bots are designed by OneFoxx XS and are not developed to infringe or violate a person's privacy.

What is the OneFoxx bot user-agent header string? OneFoxx::Grand:Bot

What is the Tanizzle bot user-agent header string? OneFoxx::Tanizzle:Bot(https://tanizzle.com/tanizzle-bot/)

As It stands

We keep our Policy under regular review and place any updates on Tanizzle Network Groups. All Tanizzle Account users will receive an email notifying them of new changes. Please note that we may change our Policy from time-to-time at our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to do so without your consent. Any revisions made to our Policy will be applicable at the time of posting on the Site. It's your responsibility to review our Policy including our Terms of Service regularly as you'll be deemed to have accepted a variation if you continue to use the Site after it's been updated.

If you've any questions pertinent to your privacy, cookies, or similar technologies please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer via our contact form.

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We ("Tanizzle", "OneFoxx Ltd"), and our partners (the "Networks") use cookie technologies to personalise content and advertisements, enable social media features and plugins, and measure traffic/analytics (the "data transactions").

We use your personal information (your "Gold") and data transactions to understand your interests and enhance your experience on Tanizzle. By clicking "I accept" or continuing to navigate Tanizzle after saving, you consent to the use of these technologies across the internet connected web (online or offline). Learn more by reading our Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.


Control Centre in bypass

After expanding a tab and deciding to toggle on, or off any first or third-party company preference, engage the save & continue button to implement changes after scrolling below. When the Control Centre's in bypass mode you will not be interrupted by consent dialogs, as these pages commonly entail legal doctrine, or are security pages. Learn more about the Tanizzle Control Centre in our Privacy Policy.

tanizzle preferences

Tanizzle uses storage technologies like the HTTP Cookie, and HTML5 Storage to enable core functionality. The website may not function properly without them, and can only be disabled by changing your browser preferences. Some storage options deemed necessary are mandatory for the purpose of security, and to remember your preferences whilst visting the Site. View the full list of our necessary cookies.

Personalisation, and enhancement cookies are convenient features that remember your preferences permanently, or temporarily. These cookies don't personalise ads, or share information with any third-party company, and can identify you with permission. For the best user experience, these cookies should remain active.

Analytical cookies help improve us by collecting, and reporting information on Site usage. Our cookies aren't shared with third-party companies, and don't identify users without their permission. These cookies enable us to determine whether your a new, or returning user. The cookie name may change in the future, however it's currently known as "TACT_IX".

social media plugins aka widgets

We use third-party social media plugins also known as widgets to allow you to conveniently share the content you love, watch videos, create or login into accounts, and search the site. These plugins place cookies, or similar storage technologies on your device for the purpose of account security, combat fraud and abuse, analytics and other means that Tanizzle has no control over.

Google search is a custom tool provided by Google that allows developers to take advantage of it's powerful search capabilities, and revenue benefits by serving both non personalised, and personalised ads within search results. Google will always prioritise, and display Tanizzle related search results if found. Google uses cookies, and monitors all searches. Learn more about the cookies used by Google.

YouTube is a video broadcasting, and sharing service owned by Google. Tanizzle embeds YouTube videos, and uses their API tools. In order to view YouTube videos, you must enable this preference with the understanding that cookies will be set by a third-party. Learn more about the cookies used by Google.

Facebook SDK gives you the ability to share content, write and view comments; like and save content, watch videos, and chat with us using Facebook Messenger. Facebook uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Facebook Privacy and Cookies.

Instagram SDK for widgets gives you the ability to view, and share Instagram posts, moments, videos and more. Instagram's a Facebook owned company, and uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Instagram Cookies.

Twitter SDK gives you the ability to share content quickly, like, and retweet, as well as interact with other Twitter widgets. Twitter uses cookies when the SDK's enabled. Learn more about Twitter Cookies. Love Fortnite? Love V-Bucks? This setting must be switched on in order to have a chance to win FREE Fortnite V-Bucks (join the competition, easy), an in-game currency created by Epic Games.

advertising platforms

Advertising helps Tanizzle remain free, and funds new Services. Disabling ads doesn't mean that you will not see any from our third-party partners however, you won't experience personalised ads. Our advertising partners automatically receive your IP address, and process your data when ads are present, and use cookies to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud, and abuse. Other technologies other than cookies may be used such as JavaScript, or Web Beacons to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, personalise the content, and validate the serving of ads. Learn more about your ad choices.

ExoClick (Personalised Ads)
InfoLinks (Personalised Ads)
Avantis Video (Personalised Ads)
Propeller Ads (Personalised Ads)
Media.Net (Personalised Ads)
Google AdManager (Personalised Ads)
Google AdSense (Personalised Ads)
eBay Partners (Personalised Ads)
Amazon Associates (Personalised Ads)
Performance analytics

Performance, and analytical cookies help us to improve our Site by collecting, and reporting information on it's usage. These cookies, web beacons, or alternative technologies will monitor, and collect your browsing behavioral data. The information gathered will enable us to devise new Services, and better user experience. View our technology partners in our Privacy Policy.

Ezoic is an award-winning end-to-end platform for digital publishers and website owners that helps them improve revenue, traffic, SEO, website speed, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and more.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking, and analytics on websites. The tool allows developers to manage several third-party tags in one place without touching site source code. Given the simplicity of the tool Tanizzle can quickly add, or remove options at a later date.

Although Tanizzle will respect users choices, some cookies previously set on their devices will remain present until removed manually. Tanizzle will refrain from enabling features prohibited upon any subsequent page visit; actions only occuring after consent's given by engaging with any method that allows the saving of Tanizzle Control Centre preferences (like the save & continue button).
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Tanizzle believes that users should have control of their personal information ("your Gold"), and understand why, and how your data's being used. Information collected by Tanizzle in order to create accounts, or Subscribe to Services are outlined further. We strongly encourage you to learn more about our Privacy Policy.

registering accounts

When creating a Tanizzle Account the standard way - without a third-party service such as Facebook - we require your first name and email address for communications, and password for security and account integrity purposes. We also require your gender and location however, you don't have to specify them by selecting prefer not to say, or the other select menu options.

It's mandatory to provide your date of birth to us for content restrictions purposes, and to satisfy laws that may apply to you regarding your age. Learn why children under 13 aren't allowed Tanizzle Accounts.

When creating a Tanizzle Account with Facebook - we obtain your basic public profile which includes all your publicly available information, and your Facebook ID. You have the right to deny any permissions requested but the Tanizzle Account may not be created without an email address depending on our systems at the time. If a new user successfully registered without setting an email address, a password is strongly required (along with a Tanizzle Username) - you may lose your account.

login signing in

When signing into Tanizzle the standard way we require a username or email address, and password. If you can't remember your password and don't have access to the email address associated with your account, you will not be able to pursue account recovery if you didn't set a Tanizzle Username.

When signing into Tanizzle with Facebook we don't require any information from you as we know who you are. If you click the button saying, "sign in with Facebook", we'll assume that you want to create a Tanizzle Account with us if you didn't have one already. If you didn't mean to register with Tanizzle, visit User Settings after signing in to delete your traces (under the Security tab).

control centre

Please use the Tanizzle Contact form if you have a general question, legal request, special marketing or advertising enqueries, or feedback. Although Tanizzle will attempt to respond to messages, we can't in most cases. Instead, users will receive an automated message. For information relating to our Data Protection Officer, or GDPR, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Personal data

By providing Tanizzle with your personal information (your "Gold"), you agree to have read and accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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